Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints

No pets are allowed on site or in the parking areas.

Arrive Early – at least 2 hours before battles begin. We recommend that you arrive early (gates open at 8:30 a.m.) and plan to spend the day.  There is plenty to see and do all over the site. Traffic peaks just prior to the battle times and is also heavy after the battles (especially Pickett’s Charge). Try not to make any commitments in town or “off site” immediately following the battles. Anticipate delays and consider staying on site to relax and enjoy the live period music or stroll through the camps,  sutler, and food areas following the battles.

Wear and bring sunscreen with you. Be sure to wear light-colored clothing, hats, comfortable shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen. Bring the bottle of sunscreen with you; it wears off after 2 hours. Early August is typically hot and sunny in Gettysburg.

Sun umbrellas may be used right up until the guns can be heard, marking the start of the reenactment. They must be lowered at that time.

General Admission Tickets (Required) admit you into the reenactment site, all activities and demonstrations for the day. The viewing area that is included in your general admission ticket at no additional charge is ground level and you are permitted to bring a lawn chair, or stand to watch the battles and field demonstrations.  You will be able to see the battles, but you won’t have the advantage of being elevated, which helps if there are spectators seated/standing in front of you. You are guaranteed an unobstructed view in the bleachers. Viewing spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis—arrive early if you intend to set up your chair near the front.

Note: Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate.

Bleacher Seating (Optional) The bleacher seating (additional fee) offers the best view possible for the battles and demonstrations.  Bleacher tickets cannot be purchased without a general admission ticket. Seating is first come, first served. The seating is not shaded. The bleachers will open one hour before each battle and must be vacated after each battle for security, inspection, and maintenance—the battles last approximately one hour. The bleacher seating is limited. Order your tickets while there is still seating available. There will be troop movement over the entire field; everyone will see some distant as well as close-up action. Bringing a pair of binoculars will help you see in the distance.Your tickets are good for the entire day. The bleacher seating tickets are for the battles and field demonstrations; your general admission ticket gives you access to all of the other events i.e. the activities tents; the living history village, etc.  Seating is provided inside the activities tents. There are shade tents throughout the site.

Video/Film equipment may not be used in any of the spectator areas if it requires a tripod or is shoulder held, such as larger camcorders. ONLY hand-held recorders can be used in spectator areas. No one may stand in front of lawn chair areas for filming and of course, you may not walk out on the Battlefield at any time to take photos. Umbrellas must be lowered during battles. Interpretation of these guidelines is the exclusive right of the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee (GAC) and its staff.

Young children are often afraid of very loud noises and being close to the cannons can be a scary experience for kids under 5 years old. Cotton helps dull the noise and may be a good idea for anyone near the big guns.

Strollers are permitted on the event site but may have a more difficult time maneuvering on this farm ground. Strollers are not permitted in the grandstands; however, stroller parking is available under the grandstands. The Gettysburg Anniversary Committee and its staff assume no liability for strollers and other personal property left unattended under the grandstands or any other location on the event site.

Handicap Parking is available at the event site. There are also golf cart shuttles that can transport individuals with mobility issues from the ticket booth to the spectator/seating area. Most event activities are fairly close in proximity. Please be aware the Gettysburg Reenactment takes place on open farm fields and the terrain will be bumpy in some areas.

Bicycles may be ridden to the parking areas, but not on site. We do not provide security for bicycles and advise against bringing them, but this is your decision.

As a safety precaution for all persons attending the event NO backpacks, cooler or large bags will be permitted through the event gates. Please leave these items at home or in your vehicle so you do not have to return them to your vehicle. We understand that you may need to carry certain personal items–in a small open-type bag with straps usually works best. All carry items including camera cases will be subject to search by security prior to entering the event. Please allow extra time so we can enhance your safety! The organizers of the event have the right to refuse entry to any person refusing such an inspection.

Food & Beverages  There will be a variety of foods and beverages available for purchase at the reenactment site, such as, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, pulled pork BBQ, Italian sausage, pit beef, pit ham, French fries, fresh fruit, water, sodas, lemonade etc.